St. Joseph's collage

About Us

About the college

St. Joseph’s college is the co-educational institution located in Torpa, the head quarter of Torpa community developed block, at the distance of 75 km. from Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand. The college came into existence out of the education vision of the most Rev. Dr. Joseph Minj an educationalist in 1980. The motto of the college, “Let the light burn” DEEP JALEY, the light of the knowledge aims at this synthesis and the harmony of the spiritual and the physical, the mind and the body. An eco-friendly college campus for acquisition, promotion and dissemination of knowledge is made available here with the aspiration of growing into an academic brotherhood joining hands for the development of the humanity at large.

Our History

Saint Joseph’s College is  governed by the Roman Catholic Minority Community. It was founded in 16.08.1978 AD. Torpa Palli U. by the tax lotus of the then Honorable MLA Late Sushil Kumar Bage made by Father Joseph Minj. It was launched in the school premises. On this occasion, members of the Governing Body Marshall Hemrom, late. Leander Tid, Mr. Paul Bhengra, Late. John Hemrom, Mr. Peter Doll, Mr. Petrus Bhengra, Late. Dr. Samuel Demata, teacher Mr. Paul Kullu, Mr. Jaganath Mahato and non-teaching staff late. Silas Doll and Mr. Mikhail Topno were present.

 The co-education campaign was launched with only 72 students. First introduced in 1978 AD in the Catholic meeting of Torpa. Fr. Joseph Minz talked about opening a college in Torpa which was discussed. The resolution passed unanimously. At that time, the late John Hemmer, Deputy Chairman, David Topno and colleague Self. Dr. Samuel Demata, teacher were Peter doll and lay doll. Rem. Fr. Morris Ba: Palli was a priest. In 1978, he became a journalist in the Kathlik Sabha of the entire Khunti beggar. Rs 10 from each family Grant was sought. At that time there were a total of 1400 families. Every family contributed as much as possible in the form of rupees, chickens and food grains.

Origin of the college

 four decades ago poor rural tribal families could not afford to send their children to the city for higher education. The people of this area therefore repeatedly approached the church authorities with the urgent request for opening a college at Torpa. A college was considered a necessity for the development of the people of this area, particularly the Munda community through higher education. After much deliberation the college was started in a humble way with 72 students with Rev. Fr. Joseph Minj as a first Principal.

Present status of the college

St. Joseph’s college is Christian Religious Minority Institution however the college strives to impart quality education without distinction of social status, religion, caste or creed. The institution is permanently affiliated to the Ranchi University Ranchi with a privilege having two faculties: Arts and Commerce. It is registered under section 2(F) and 12(B) of the UGC Act 1956. The students come from remote villages of Ranchi, Khunti, West Simbhum, Simdega and Gumla Districts of Jharkhand. Had there been no existence of this college, good number of tribal students and others of this area would have been deprived of higher education. The college therefore has proved a boon to this area by bringing higher education to the door steps of the people.

Our Vision

In accordance with the motto of the college which is “Deep Jaley (LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE). The college is space focused in its commitment to impart to its tribal youth quality education, competence and skills in various spheres of life discipline and most importantly to inculcate good humane values to insure their worthy contributions as builders and promoters of  peace, love, justice communal harmony and unity in the multi-cultural society of our country.

Our Mission


  • To impart education in the best possible form and to bring out the best in the students for all round personality development as well as for academic excellence leading to a prospers career.
  • Spread of education and dissemination of knowledge to the deprived and under privileged sections of the society.
  • Imbibing scientific temperament, organizational abilities and human values in the upliftment of the society.
  • Create consciousness and bring them in the nation main stream. Beside this we dedicate ourselves to the cause of comprehensive personality development to students and teach them to the cause of social upliftment by providing them the excellence in the academic and moral education.