St. Joseph's collage

Courses Offered by St. Joseph's College
(for Honors)

A. Common Courses                    Common Courses for Semester-I & Semester-II
B. Vocational Courses                  Introductory Vocational Courses for Semester-I & semester-II

Bachelor Degree Courses (Ranchi University)

  1. There will be three year B.A. Honours course and B.Com. Honours course.
  2. For admission to the course of instruction for the Honours degree in any subject shall be necessary for a student to have obtained not less than 45% marks at the Intermediate Examination in the subject concerned. However everyone having 45% marks may not necessarily get the desired Honours Subject.
  3. There shall be University Examination at the end of each Semester and Mid-Semester Examination (Semesters 1,2,3,4,5, and 6) of B. A. Honours Course and B.Com. Honours Course.
  4. The structure of the Courses of Study of B.A. and B.Com. Honours in Each Semester shall be as follows: