St. Joseph's collage

The Library

The Library

St. Joseph’s college, Torpa has a good collection of Library books, magazines and newspapers. It has books in all the subjects being taught in the college as well as some books and Journals of general interest to the students. Some important daily newspapers and magazines in Hindi and English are also regularly received.

Library Rules

• The College Library, with its books, magazines and newspapers, is the property of college.

• All the Books/magazines/Newspapers must be protected and used with utmost care by the students, for they will give you knowledge, will broaden your horizon and will help you fulfill your ambition and goal in life.

• Library reading room is a place to read, study and make notes and must be used for these purposes only.

• There must be Discipline and Silence in the Library/Reading room/Reference Section. Students may be asked to leave the library if they disturb the Peace and Quiet of the Library.

• If damage is discovered to any library books/magazine/newspaper, the guilty student is liable to be black listed by the librarian. He/She may be suspended from using the Library for one month or more. He/She may also be fined for the value of the book/magazine, damaged or lost by her.

• Books are issued from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Each class is given specific days to get books issued.

• Serious students of the Graduate Classes may choose to keep their Library cards till 15 days of the start of the University Examination. They will seek this facility, by making a written request to the principal; they will approach the librarian for the above granted facility.

• Library rules must be followed strictly by all the students.